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How to Source a Service or Product

Thank you for your interest in sourcing a local Indigenous service or product through Six Seasons Connect – Online Services

As you may know, Six Seasons Connect – Online Services is an online brokerage service and business resource that aims to broker individual choice and representations with the Indigenous products and services network

How does it work?

  1. You as the potential customer make an inquiry to source a particular service, product or experience via our online facility.
  2. We as the connecting agent, refer to a network of suitable suppliers including our primary supplier network.
  3. Those as network suppliers respond to a call to deliver such service, product or experience based on agreed costs and schedules 
  4. Once a match has been made, we the connecting agent, facilitates a service arrangement between the purchasing customer and the preferred supplier via a simple brokering schedule.

Sourcing a ‘Service’:

This may be an Indigenous supplier that provides aOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA specialized service in your area that you are seeking;

for example;

Indigenous advisors or consultants

Indigenous tour guides

Indigenous mentors or facilitators

Indigenous performers and artists

Indigenous catering services

Other Indigenous service operators


Ready To Go Products

Sourcing a ‘Product’:

How about an Indigenous made product as a gift or souvenir? There many out there producing wonderful items wanting to sell there wares. For example.




Emu Egg Carvings

Art Pieces

Unique furniture items

Clothing and apparel

To source a ‘product’ or a ‘service’ you will need to complete a ‘Request a Service’ form assigned to each of the five service areas that we support. Remember our five service areas are Indigenous;

Tourism Experiences

Performing and Visual Arts

Catering and Food Services

Advisory and Consultancy Services

Miscellaneous Services

Good Luck.