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Welcome to the arts service area. Welcome to Six Seasons Connect – Online Services

We at Six Seasons Connect – Online Services are very pleased and excited to provide a means for arts loving people to source Indigenous arts from all over Australia and for Indigenous artist and performers to present their products and services to the world.

Didgeridoo_2In this section you as the purchasing customer have the ability to make informed choices about what you want by setting the parameters before you buy. We as the connecting agent will endeavour to match your request through our ability to access a range of industry networks, including our own, to find the right person, product or service for you.

You as the customer have complete control of your purchase without the hassle and stress that sometimes overwhelms us when trying to source a product or service from multiple sites. Six Seasons Connect – Online Services is in a very good position to be a one-stop, one-shop site for all your purchasing needs via an extensive Indigenous services and enterprise supply market, throughout Australia.

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How does it work?

  1. You as the potential customer make an inquiry to source a particular service, product or experience via our online facility.
  2. We as the connecting agent, refer to a network of suitable suppliers including our primary supplier network.
  3. Those as network suppliers respond to a call to deliver such service, product or experience based on agreed costs and schedules 
  4. Once a match has been made, we the connecting agent, facilitates a service arrangement between the purchasing customer and the preferred supplier via a simple brokering schedule.

Ready to Go – services (packaged services)

  • You may want to visit the Shop Now area to see if there are any packaged services that have been posted by our network providers, otherwise continue to source a service below, by completing a ‘request a service’ form

Indigenous arts news / updates

  • Coming soon, in the meantime go to our media area for a range of media items



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