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Ready to Go Services and Products

Welcome to our Ready To Go Area. We are extremely delighted to offer you a range of packaged services and products that have been prepared by our network suppliers as ready to go for your purchasing convenience.

In this area you can read about our ready to go services and products

What are ‘ready to go’ services (packaged services)?

Ready to go services are normally packaged services that’s been specially prepared  by our network suppliers for your purchasing convenience.

These services are normally defined by a fixed price setting, type of service and the suppliers capacity to deliver as a ready to go item.

What’s contained in a ready to go service?

Typically a ready to go service is a package of services that the supplier has bundled together to make one set-price service for your choosing. In most cases, the supplier will package the service at a reduced rate and offer it as a special deal

Each packaged service is complementary to the service areas that we support, being Indigenous

  • Tourism,
  • Arts,
  • Food and Catering Services,
  • Advisory / Consultancy Services, and
  • Miscellaneous services

Where do you find ready to go services (packaged services)?

All ready to go services are displayed in the Shop Now area. Each item is clearly marked as a ’Package’ and is listed among the other Shop Now items.

A full display of ready to go services can be found by clicking on the ready to go packages / services link in the product category area.

What about ready to go products?

Ready to go products are simply products that have been made available for immediate sale on our Shop Now facility. Customers are able to make a quick purchase of any product posted on the Shop Now facility by using the online payment service. Once payment has been verified, the supplier will be notified to ensure delivery to you is made in good time. All the best.

Fixed – Pricing

All ready to go services and products that are listed on this website have been negotiated to a set price. Therefore the price given and set by the supplier is not for further negotiation and is deemed by the supplier as ready to go – on demand.