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Ready-To-Go Services and Products

Welcome to the ready to go area if you are a prospective supplier of goods or services interested in posting a packaged service or product onto our website.

What are ‘ready to go’ services (packaged services)?

Ready to go services are simply services that have been accepted for advertising on our website as a packaged service.

Packaged services are defined by what’s contained in the package, a fixed price setting and the suppliers capacity to deliver as a ready to go item.

Suppliers are encouraged to bundle their services as packaged services for each of the industries that we support, being Indigenous;

  • Tourism
  • Arts
  • Food and catering
  • Advisory / consultancy
  • Miscellaneous services

Where do you find ‘ready to go’ services?

All Ready to go services are displayed in the Shop Now area. Each item is clearly marked as a ’Package’ and is listed among the other ‘Shop Now’ items. A full display of Ready to go services can be found by clicking on the ready to go packages / services link in the product category area.

Fixed – Pricing

All ready to go services that are listed on this website have been negotiated to a set price. Therefore the price given and set by the supplier is not for further negotiation and is deemed by the supplier as ready to go – on demand.

How do you post a ‘ready to go’ service (packaged Service) on our website?

Suppliers intending to post a ready to go service item on our website must complete a short form to do so.

Simply complete the online Ready to Go Submission Form below and start your journey with us.

What about ‘ready to go’ products?

Ready to go products are simply products that are available for posting on our website as ready to go for immediate purchasing.

Ready to go products are normally fast moving products that have been suitably price to get a quick sale.

Suppliers intending to post a ready to go product on our website must complete a short form to do so.

Let’s Get Started

Start your journey with us by completing the online Ready-To-Go Submission Form below.

Please submit one form per item

Don’t forget to submit a photographic image of your ready to go item

Good Luck!


Name of Supplier
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Mobile Number:
Item Name
Item Description; Please provide a short description of your item being submitted here
Show your fixed item price here
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What's your preferred supply location - indicate which area
Availability: Start date - End date
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Click on the link below to view Ready to Go Information and Terms